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Who We Are

Who we are

We are a group of young people working to see that women exercise their rights to health, including access to friendly and quality health services and counseling; access to health-promoting information, including sexual and reproductive health matters.

TAAF engages herself in the following areas to meet the needs of women, the girl child and neonatal:

  1. Trainings
  2. Advocacy
  3. Community Awareness


To see a society with improved health index status of women and the girl child


TAAF uses innovative ideas which are inclusive and partnerships to bring about capacity building, advocacy to relevant stakeholders, create demand and increase access to Sexual Reproductive Health and Right, care and support.

Core Values

In our organization, certain values guide our efforts towards achieving our vision and mission; these values ensure that the clients are the priority at every point in time. The values are Passion, Confidence, Innovation and Creativity

Our Projects


Maisha is a Swahli name which means life. Mother’s bring life and it’s their fundamental right to get access to quality reproductive and maternal health care. Maternal and infant mortality is a tragedy that is still very rampant in Nigeria due to a number of factors which includes ignorance about safe motherhood, poverty, lack of adequate management and equipment in the nation’s health care system. Linking maternal health care with family planning and HIV services helps to ensure that women, girls, and their families receive the highest standard of sexual and reproductive health. Women save time and money when they have access to integrated services and are often more likely to utilize services when they are provided together. Our project Maisha save a mother’s life seeks to address these problems through these awareness and advocacy programs:

Maisha Maternity Packs Project.

4uture Mumz Campaign.

Her Hygiene & Her Campaign


In partnership with the National Council of Child Rights Advocates of Nigeria (NACCRAN), TAAF works to see that the rights of children especially as it regards their rights to basic health as provided by the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of a Child (ACRWC) are upheld. In view of this, advocacy is taken to schools, hospitals, worship centres and market places.

Our Approach

-Work with Federal Ministries, State Ministries, Local government, religious groups, women & men’s groups, associations, International and National NGOs & coalitions to review and develop and enforce policies that affect children’s rights especial the rights of the girl child.

-Celebrate international and national days for children.

-Plan and coordinate child rights programs and projects which are inclusive for children in Nigeria.

-Research and data collection on child rights activities in Nigeria


When young people are empowered, they are able to make wise decisions about their sexual health and reproductive health. As the name implies YOUTHPRENEUR are young people who start up their own businesses. In Nigeria alone, the rate of youth unemployment is as high as 50% which is alarming for a country whose youths constitute more than 70% its population.

Our Approach

Through our youthpreneur project which normally starts with a one day conference, young people from ages 18-32 years are trained, mentored and their capacities are built to start their own businesses.